How To play Reiko’s Fragments VR vs Crowd 


To start, visit Once there, you will be prompted to enter the four-letter code, that is provided by the VR player. After you’ve entered the code, create a user name.

Tap Play to continue.


Once you have logged in to a match. An overview page will greet you. Here you can select various rooms to lay any trap of your choosing. 

Tap on a Room to enter.


Inside a room, you'll find several glowing circle Trap locations. Tapping on a Trap will bring up a trap selection. Tap on the Trap of your choosing. Once selected, your name will appear next to the location you chose. Note: You can only place one trap per match. However, you can change the location of your Trap as many times as you like before the match begins. 


Once the match begins, you will have access to Scare Now Powers. To use a Scare now Power, you must wait for your Mana bar to replenish. Once the Mana Bar has regained enough Power, a Scare Now Power will become active. 

After using a Scare Now Power, your Mana bar will decrease and must wait until the Mana Bar has replenished.