Reiko's Fragments Party Mode: at Venice Beach Tech & Startup BBQ


Another event, another scare, but this time with a special surprise. Pixel Canvas Studios received the opportunity to showcase Reikos Fragments latest build at Venice Beach Tech & Startup BBQ, but this time with a new feature we've been secretly working on, Party Mode.

Party Mode, or how I like to call it Mobile vs. VR. Is an ambitious project for Reikos Fragments. While playing our game in VR is an exciting experience, how do you share this with more people? How are more people able to join in the fun? Party mode was our solution to this. Using just your smartphone, you're able to participate in the action, by causing the VR player grief or challenges by laying traps and other obstacles to challenge the player.

Party Mode was a huge success. We look forward to presenting more in the future. Stay tuned!