Reiko's Fragments Now Available


Reiko's Fragments Now Available

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for. After nearly +2 years, Reiko's Fragments Beta is now available! This is an exciting and emotional time for the Pixel Canvas team. For the past few weeks, the entire team has been working late every night, ensuring the game is polished as possible and now we finally get a moment to breathe and give back to our fans.

To purchase Reiko's Fragments Beta, you can buy from the following places:

Now, you might have noticed something. The word "Beta", the reason for that is that Reiko's Fragments grew into such a large game and we really wanted to release in time for Spooktober. Typically, in-game development, you have two choices when faced with this situation. A) Cut down the game content, B) Push back the release date. Both scenarios we didn’t like. We didn’t want to keep fans waiting and had no desire to cut any content.

So, we opted for a different approach. We release the VR vs Crowd portion of the game, then we will continuously over the upcoming months release new updates that will include all the content. It’s the best win-win situation. You get to scare your friends in time for Halloween and the coming months, get new updates, like new maps, new gameplay modes, and the full robust story mode, which btw, your gonna love!

On behalf of the Pixel Canvas team, we are incredibly excited and looking forward to seeing everyone playing our game. From the hearts across the team, Thank You.